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Christine M. Anderson, M.A., C.Ht.
What is Integrated Energy Therapy™ (IET)?

Negative life experiences cause negative emotions, such as anger, fear, stress, powerlessness and guilt.  Positive life experiences create positive emotions such as peace, love, joy, ease and harmony.  According to IET, all emotions are stored in specific points in the body.   IET targets these points and reaches suppressed emotions at the cellular level.

IET is a hands-on energy therapy system.  It gets to the “issues in the tissues.”  Developed by Stevan J. Thayer, author of “Interview with an Angel,” IET uses violet angelic energy, which is brought to us from the 9 healing angels of the energy field.  It works directly with your 12-strand spiritual DNA.

What is unique about IET?

IET energy’s source is from the Angelic Realm.  An IET Practitioner creates a link to the Angelic Realm and channels this energy to the recipient.  This link provides direct access to profoundly healing angelic energy.  Techniques used in IET “pull-out” old stored negative energy and imprint the positive.

From the IET manual: - “This system integrates the pain of the past into the power of the present to bring the joy of the future.”

What are some benefits of IET?

*      Releases every day stresses that leave you tired and burned out
*      Identifies and releases suppressed feelings and core cell memories
*      Clears energy blocks that limit health and well-being
*      Supports self-healing on all levels (emotional, physical, mental and spiritual)
*      Helps discover your soul’s mission
*      Increases your connection to the Angels
*      Facilitates the release of trauma
*      Promotes healthy relationships

What does an IET session look like?

Recipients lie on a treatment table fully clothed.  A session lasts between 60-90 minutes.  The atmosphere is dim and soothing to support the utmost comfort.  The IET practitioner applies a series of gentle hand positions with very light pressure. Other tools may be used such as crystals, tuning forks and white sage.   The session may begin with a statement of intent and end with a final grounding.  Following the session, the practitioner frequently shares her intuitive impressions with the client.
What might a client experience during a session?

Some clients become so deeply relaxed that they fall asleep. This is perfectly fine and is quiet common.  Other sensations include a sense of light pressure, warm or cold temperature changes, physical twinges, or emotional releases.  On the other hand, some clients may feel only subtle feelings or none at all.  This is called “healing without feeling.”  All of these experiences are valid and normal.

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