Infinite Lights

Plug into your Highest Potential
Christine M. Anderson, M.A., C.Ht.

I can truly say that I leave each session with Christine feeling better than when I arrived. She has found her true calling and it shows. During healing sessions, she is focused and compassionate.  Her room where she practices is a healing haven. Christine has a wonderful way of incorporating music, tuning forks, crystals and sage.  When she begins the hands-on treatment,  I can feel an electric current running from her hands through my head down my spine to my feet and back up again. I am at peace with myself after a healing session with Christine. She is dedicated and a credit to her profession.

...Susan Savage, Reiki and IET Client, August 2009

Prior to my first session with Christine, I had no experience with energy healing but she put me instantly at ease.  During the session I felt a warmth emanating from her hands.  The warm flow of energy seemed to permeate my entire being.  I saw an array of bright colors along with various soothing sensations.  Much to my surprise, I left with a profound feeling of relief and a sense of deep relaxation that stayed with me throughout the day.

....Brian Sopko, Reiki & IET Client, August 2009