Infinite Lights

Shield Yourself from Electromagnetic Radiation from Cell Phones, Wireless Networks and more.

Reduce the Impact of Other People's Energy, Negativity and Stress.

Are you concerned about what cell phones, wireless networks, and other forms of radiation are doing to us? And when you add any kind of emotional stress, our body has to work so hard to stay healthy!

The BioElectric Shield, using Earth Resonance Technology developed from Nobel Prize winning physics, contains a scientifically activated matrix of quartz and other living crystals which:

  • PROTECTS YOU from cell phones, computers and other electromagnetic radiation by deflecting and redirecting this unhealthy energy
  • STRENGTHENS AND REINFORCES your own natural healthy energy field, amplifying your abilities to handle stressful situations and people more easily
  • BALANCES and ENHANCES your natural energy, improving focus, performance and goal achievement. Balances your system to the level of your DNA.

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The BioElectric Shield handles 4 different types of Energy Pollution

  • Electromagnetic Radiation - The Shield provides electromagnetic radiation protection , cell phone radiation protection, energy balancing,and protection from electro-pollution and other forms of electro smog, also known as electro-pollution. EMF is an energy frequency that comes from cell phones, computers, wireless networks, ALL our technology - anything electric or battery operated is putting out EMF radiation. EMF is invisible and growing in magnitude exponentially. Just like smoking, the effects are cumulative and add up over time.

  • Stress is exhausting, physically debilitating and deadens your emotions, or leaves you in a constant state of anticipation. Stress can come from Work, Lack of sleep, Negative thinking - even your own thoughts and feelings, TOO MUCH to DO - TOO LIITLE TIME!

  • Emotional pollution from other people’s energy can really pull you down. Other people’s Negativity, Stress, Pain, Moodiness and fear is constantly bombarding you, leaving you anxious, depressed and fearful.

  • Fear inundates your healthy, positive attitude. You are constantly being bombarded by the collective energy of fear from TV, radio, Internet etc. and it's almost impossible to resist.